Introduction: Taking a stand based on Influence.

Influence: noun, 1. the capacity of power of persons or things to be a compelling force on or produce efforts on the action, behavior, opinions, etc., of others. 

I like to think someday I am going to  be someone that actually impacts lives and inspires people. As morbid as it may seem, I like to imagine if I were to die at this particular time in my life how many people would actually show up and be able to say that I impacted them in some way. I like to think of how many people I may have had a real influence on. Each time it scares the ever living shit out of me to think this because I haven’t yet.

I promised myself when I was graduating high school that I would actually “be the change I wish to see in the world [Ghandi]”  and yet I spent my last few semesters of college being an idiot. While there are people not much older than me accomplishing so much more than me I’m sitting here hitting my head against the wall wondering what my problem is and why I can’t seem to pull my life together. I set my life on coast and left it at that. I stopped caring, stopped wanting to change people’s lives. I lost my passions and desires among the people that have dissolved from my life. I forgot something so crucial to my existence..IT’S MY LIFE and it’s about damn time I do something with it.

If I were to die today would I really be ready to leave what I have now as  my legacy? Would I want to leave my thoughts and my ideals on the inside without having told the world what I want to see? It outrages me to think that anyone would. So here it goes, I’m beginning this journey with one post at a time. It’s my time now to take the influence that I have had in my life and direct it in ways that will produce something meaningful.

The goal of this blog is going to cover everything from my personal journey of finding myself in this world and how I am going to impact it. In addition, I will also be discussing how I think others in my generation should be reacting to hot topics and social issues and my opinions on these matters. Anything and everything that can be backed up with credible information WILL be backed up. This will NOT be a place of ignorance but a place of discussion, research, and logical opinions.  My goal is not going to be to please anyone but to release my inner conflicts and thoughts on matters that mean something to me and I hope that it will mean something to someone else out there as well.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

Hopefully this is where my wisdom begins, with one post at a time.